Island of love

Jeju Island (South Korea) is called “the pearl of Korea”. Every year it attracts the attention of tens of thousands of tourists. One of the sights of this tropical paradise is the land of love – a theme park, opened in 2004 the series, where the garden of erotic sculptures. For relatively conservative South Korean Earth Love on the island of Cheju – a unique phenomenon. The collection of sculptures that illustrate the pleasures of the flesh, continually updated. These sculptures are created not only young, but very well-known Korean sculptors.





















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24 Responses to Island of love

  1. Will says:

    funny and original sculptures!

  2. Nick says:

    What a refreshing site to see! If only there was more celebration of erotic love in the world, and less celebration of repressive religion.

  3. jessiicka adams says:

    these are sweet.
    very creative.

  4. Sue says:

    WOW! i’m so glad to see that there are poeple out there in this mest up world that still see sex as a good thing and not try to hide it just to the bedroom! I wish more poeple were like this!

  5. cindy says:

    i love it i enjoyed it

  6. brian says:

    Yeah Nick. I think the vast majority of people here in America need to take note of this. There is more to life than having a bigger stick, so to speak.

  7. Nack says:

    Really interesting.
    I dont think i would want to go alone though.
    Id be wanting the real thing after a short while.
    I wonder if they have lodging on the Island.

    Oh and Nick?
    Seriously? .Turning it into a soapbox for your religious prejudice? Really stupid..and bigoted.Like people who believe in a God don’t love sex.

  8. erik says:

    People who go to church, on a regular basis, DO NOT enjoy sex, actually ‘Nack’. I’d know, I’m a pastor at Western Valley Christian in California.

  9. Blade 007 says:

    wow….. Would love to go there someday with some one : )

  10. Meade says:

    Oh and Nack,people who believe in a God do have sex.They also try to repress anyone else from having it.Ever heard of the Puritans ? The Bible thumpers are also sexually repressive(don’t talk about it,don’t think about it,don’t look at it,don’t use sexual images as art,sex is un pure,sex is dirty,sex is a sin,Please give me a break sex is the most natural thing in the world and it’s beautieful too)anything that is fun and natural and instinctual the church is against.Kids learning about the changes in their bodies are not told that they are going through a natural part of maturing,they are told that if they touch themselves it’s a sin and they will go to Hell.The US is one of the most sexually repressed countries on this planet,the average American thinks sex is dirty,sex is som ething only done at night with the lights out,that being naked is abnormal.I live here,but I’m so glad I didn’t grow up here I couldn’t imagine feeling guilty about doing something with someone that feels so good and is so much fun for the both of us and doing it only at night and only in the dark.A womans body is truely one of Your God’s greatist and most beautieful creations.95% of the ones I have met are ashamed of it,or afraid to let you see it.So you shouldn’t try and use this forum as a soapbox for your social prejudices.And the next time you feel aqward or embarrased about your body,thank your religious leaders.

  11. someoneelse says:

    Jeez where do you get your ideas from? Whomever they are, they aren’t telling the FULL STORY.

    Generalizing “Christians think sex is dirty” is just as messed up of a stereotype as thinking “all people who have sex are Whores”.

    ASK any of them, and most of them will tell you “context matters”.

  12. Karel/Holland says:

    I think the pictures/sculptures speak for themselves.
    surprised to see Pan, but on the other hand it does feel like he should be there.

  13. gorrilla says:

    Pastor Eric,
    Why would the church-going public not enjoy sex? Are they doing it wrong? What’s not to enjoy? As human beings we are by our very nature sexual creatures…that’s how we procreate after all. If we didn’t enjoy it, if it wasn’t pleasurable our populations would plummet.
    And I’m sure you know the line about going forth and multiplying. If they didn’t enjoy it, Adam and Eve would have stood in the garden and just tossed apples at each other.

  14. Taylor says:

    hey man, I’m a christian, and they teach that sex is good. ^^ says so in the bible. But sex also has its time and place =] Ideally you would want the two people having sex to be married. just because sex makes any bond two people share grow a lot stronger….

    not trying to turn this into a religious rant, I’m just saying sex is good and I like what they’ve done here. =]

  15. Taylor says:

    lol… hmmm I wonder who spent years sculpting these things… xD

  16. Bluesdog says:

    This Sculpture Garden has been Closed.

  17. J. P. Quarles says:

    well, SOMEONE had a darned good time making those pieces!

    Don’t see any reason to interject religious stuff here, tho. The context is erotic art, not erotica with any religious slant.

  18. Mac says:

    rather interesting pieces there…kinda seems like an elaborate cock tease in my opinion

  19. Sierra says:

    Pedobears, I swear.

    …. LOL….

  20. Alison Christa says:

    These are amazing sculptures.

    And I’m a Christian who goes to church on a regular basis, goes to a Christian college and has a very close relationship with God. The majority of people who go to church DO enjoy sex, inside marriage, and saying that they don’t is simply ignorant and false. The majority of pastors enjoy it as well, and look at it as a beautiful and spiritual thing.

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  23. Madhav says:

    But I am sure Khajuraho in Madhya pradesh, India is much superb and done in stone carvig in 100 times more original work.,%20Madhya%20Pradesh_India.htm

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