Tiger and Panda Dogs in China










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14 Responses to Tiger and Panda Dogs in China

  1. Jesse says:

    … are they real… i have serious doubts

  2. WTF? Are they DYED that way? I mean, they look really cool, and most of them seem happy, but there has got to be some kind of law against that…

  3. Melissa says:

    um…those must be photoshopped? or if they’re real, they must cost something like $50,000 to own? i’m speechless, kind of.

  4. Zach says:

    The “Panda Dogs” aren’t Dyed. Their color scheme isn’t actually all that unusual. Their fur however…
    Let me put it this way. There are Hundreds of breeds of dogs, and many have very close coloration to the black and white scheme above. The “tiger dogs” however, may be dyed or photoshopped. They look a bit…off. However, actually, y’know, tigers have fur like that, so it’s certainly possible that dogs could look like that too.
    I personally think the panda dogs are more likely, as we have many similar dogs, pandas are cute (and native to asia), and locals might want to have a similar looking pet, so they purpose bred their animals over the centuries. Makes sense to me anyway.
    Oh. And the number of species?

    There are around 350 pure bred dogs listed here

    And around 750 breeds of dogs listen when you add in recognized hybrid breeds.

  5. Tater Salad says:


    What part of IN CHINA did you not understand?

  6. Willy Brown Balls says:

    Yeah, they are dyed that way. Not good for the dogs I’m sure, and I bet the smell of the dye must put them nuts.

  7. Tachik says:

    It’s china so I doubt there are laws protecting any animal besides an actual panda or other endangered species, I can see them being able to make dogs with panda markings but I’m very skeptical about the tiger dog and seeing as how there are only two photos of the tiger dog and they are both of the same dog vs the multiple photos of the multiple panda dogs I have a feeling the tiger dog has not had those markings breed into it

  8. Sam says:

    Oh, China. You are silly.

  9. Abby says:

    The tiger dog is awesome looking. \The panda dog is a chow, notice the black tongue.

  10. Han Yue says:

    They used non-toxic dyes to color them.. it’s kind of a trend over Asia.

  11. Seriously? says:

    They’re dyed you idiots.
    They used non-toxic specially made for dogs hair dye.
    The panda dog was dyed to try and create awareness and get help for dogs who suffered abuse. (the original is the first ‘panda’ dog you see.) It turned into a trend, it’s not harmful for the animals at all, and it’s not a permanent dye.

  12. Nick says:

    What a bunch of twits!
    People Dye their hair all the time! No Problem or protest!
    These awesome dogs have been dyed and airbrushed (not photo shopped) I think its fantastic as I am an Airbrush Artist and this is nothing new. The trend has been Cats – just Google it! Non Toxic, no harm and not Permanent.
    You should appreciate the time taken to make these animals look so good – or stop dying your own hair and using make up hypocrites!

  13. notgivingit says:

    @ Alexandra Selvaggio

    This is in China, I’m fairly certain eating dogs is common there. And compared to eating them this is much more humane.

    Also think about the fact that if they eat dogs then if a pet dog gets lost it could be sold for food. If they see one of these they might think its a rare wild animal and not try to catch it.

  14. Kelly says:

    The Tiger dog was cool, but it looked like a Golden Retriever with black bands on it tail and legs. It’s head was pretty convincing, though. To whoever did that, I say “This is pretty awesome! keep up the good work! I would like to see a Jaguar dog or Cheetah dog, too! Just a thought.”

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